<filesystem : Touch>


Touch a file and/or fileset(s) and/or filelist(s); corresponds to the Unix touch command.

If the file to touch doesn't exist, an empty one is created.


Attribute Description Type Required?
verbose Set whether the touch task will report every file it creates; defaults to true. boolean ?
mkdirs Set whether nonexistent parent directories should be created when touching new files. boolean ?
millis Set the new modification time of file(s) touched in milliseconds since midnight Jan 1 1970. Optional, default=now. long ?
file Sets a single source file to touch. If the file does not exist an empty file will be created. File ?
pattern Set the format of the datetime attribute. String ?
datetime Set the new modification time of file(s) touched in the format "MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM or PM" or "MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM or PM". Optional, default=now. String ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements

<fileset> ...

Moved out of MatchingTask to make it a standalone object that could be referenced (by scripts for example).
Attribute Description Type Required
refid Reference ?
file File ?
dir File ?
defaultexcludes boolean ?
followsymlinks boolean ?
casesensitive boolean ?
excludes String ?
includesfile File ?
excludesfile File ?
includes String ?

<filelist> ...

FileList represents an explicitly named list of files. FileLists are useful when you want to capture a list of files regardless of whether they currently exist. By contrast, FileSet operates as a filter, only returning the name of a matched file if it currently exists in the file system.
Attribute Description Type Required
dir Set the dir attribute. File ?
refid Makes this instance in effect a reference to another FileList instance.

You must not set another attribute or nest elements inside this element if you make it a reference.

Reference ?
files Set the filenames attribute. String ?

<mapper> ...

Element to define a FileNameMapper.
Attribute Description Type Required
classpath Set the classpath to load the FileNameMapper through (attribute). Path ?
classpathref Set the classpath to load the FileNameMapper through via reference (attribute). Reference ?
refid Make this Mapper instance a reference to another Mapper.

You must not set any other attribute if you make it a reference.

Reference ?
type Set the type of FileNameMapper to use. String ["identity", "flatten", "glob", "merge", "regexp", "package", "unpackage"] ?
classname Set the class name of the FileNameMapper to use. String ?
from Set the argument to FileNameMapper.setFrom String ?
to Set the argument to FileNameMapper.setTo String ?