<filesystem : Sync>


Synchronize a local target directory from the files defined in one or more filesets.

Uses a <copy> task internally, but forbidding the use of mappers and filter chains. Files of the destination directory not present in any of the source fileset are removed.


Attribute Description Type Required?
verbose Used to force listing of all names of copied files. boolean ?
overwrite Overwrite any existing destination file(s). boolean ?
todir Sets the destination directory. File ?
includeemptydirs Used to copy empty directories. boolean ?
failonerror If false, note errors to the output but keep going. boolean ?
granularity The number of milliseconds leeway to give before deciding a target is out of date.

Default is 0 milliseconds, or 2 seconds on DOS systems.

long ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements

<fileset> ...

Moved out of MatchingTask to make it a standalone object that could be referenced (by scripts for example).
Attribute Description Type Required
refid Reference ?
file File ?
dir File ?
defaultexcludes boolean ?
followsymlinks boolean ?
casesensitive boolean ?
excludes String ?
includesfile File ?
excludesfile File ?
includes String ?