<utility : Sleep>


Sleep, or pause, for a period of time. A task for sleeping a short period of time, useful when a build or deployment process requires an interval between tasks.

A negative value can be supplied to any of attributes provided the total sleep time is positive, pending fundamental changes in physics and JVM execution times

Note that sleep times are always hints to be interpreted by the OS how it feels small times may either be ignored or rounded up to a minimum timeslice. Note also that the system clocks often have a fairly low granularity too, which complicates measuring how long a sleep actually took.


Attribute Description Type Required?
hours hours to add to the sleep time. int ?
milliseconds milliseconds to add to the sleep time int ?
minutes minutes to add to the sleep time int ?
failonerror flag controlling whether to break the build on an error. boolean ?
seconds seconds to add to the sleep time int ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements