<java : SignJar>


Signs JAR or ZIP files with the javasign command line tool. The tool detailed dependency checking: files are only signed if they are not signed. The signjar attribute can point to the file to generate; if this file exists then its modification date is used as a cue as to whether to resign any JAR file.


Attribute Description Type Required?
storepass password for keystore integrity; required String ?
lazy flag to control whether the presence of a signature file means a JAR is signed; optional, default false boolean ?
jar the jar file to sign; required File ?
verbose Enable verbose output when signing ; optional: default false boolean ?
keypass password for private key (if different); optional String ?
maxmemory Set the maximum memory to be used by the jarsigner process String ?
alias the alias to sign under; required String ?
sectionsonly flag to compute hash of entire manifest; optional, default false boolean ?
keystore keystore location; required String ?
sigfile name of .SF/.DSA file; optional String ?
internalsf Flag to include the .SF file inside the signature; optional; default false boolean ?
storetype keystore type; optional String ?
signedjar name of signed JAR file; optional File ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements

<fileset> ...

Moved out of MatchingTask to make it a standalone object that could be referenced (by scripts for example).
Attribute Description Type Required
refid Reference ?
file File ?
dir File ?
defaultexcludes boolean ?
followsymlinks boolean ?
casesensitive boolean ?
excludes String ?
includesfile File ?
excludesfile File ?
includes String ?