<utility : record>


Adds a listener to the current build process that records the output to a file.

Several recorders can exist at the same time. Each recorder is associated with a file. The filename is used as a unique identifier for the recorders. The first call to the recorder task with an unused filename will create a recorder (using the parameters provided) and add it to the listeners of the build. All subsequent calls to the recorder task using this filename will modify that recorders state (recording or not) or other properties (like logging level).

Some technical issues: the file's print stream is flushed for "finished" events (buildFinished, targetFinished and taskFinished), and is closed on a buildFinished event.


Attribute Description Type Required?
append Whether or not the logger should append to a previous file. boolean ?
name Sets the name of the file to log to, and the name of the recorder entry. String ?
loglevel Sets the level to which this recorder entry should log to. String ["error", "warn", "info", "verbose", "debug"] ?
emacsmode Set emacs mode. boolean ?
action Sets the action for the associated recorder entry. String ["start", "stop"] ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements