<utility : Patch>


Patches a file by applying a 'diff' file to it; requires "patch" to be on the execution path.


Attribute Description Type Required?
strip Strip the smallest prefix containing num leading slashes from filenames.

patch's -p option.

int ?
dir The directory to run the patch command in, defaults to the project's base directory. File ?
destfile The name of a file to send the output to, instead of patching the file(s) in place; optional. File ?
quiet Work silently unless an error occurs; optional, default=false boolean ?
originalfile The file to patch; optional if it can be inferred from the diff file File ?
patchfile The file containing the diff output; required. File ?
reverse Assume patch was created with old and new files swapped; optional, default=false boolean ?
backups flag to create backups; optional, default=false boolean ?
ignorewhitespace flag to ignore whitespace differences; default=false boolean ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements