<java : ManifestTask>


Creates a manifest file for inclusion in a JAR, Ant task wrapper around {@link Manifest Manifest}. This task can be used to write a Manifest file, optionally replacing or updating an existing file.


Attribute Description Type Required?
file The name of the manifest file to create/update. Required if used as a task. File ?
encoding The encoding to use for reading in an existing manifest file String ?
mode Update policy: either "update" or "replace"; default is "replace". String ["update", "replace"] ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements


An attribute for the manifest. Those attributes that are not nested into a section will be added to the "Main" section.
Attribute Description Type Required
name Set the Attribute's name; required String ?
value Set the Attribute's value; required String ?

<section> ...

A manifest section - you can nest attribute elements into sections. A section consists of a set of attribute values, separated from other sections by a blank line.
Attribute Description Type Required
name The name of the section; optional -default is the main section. String ?