<network : Get>


Gets a particular file from a URL source. Options include verbose reporting, timestamp based fetches and controlling actions on failures. NB: access through a firewall only works if the whole Java runtime is correctly configured.


Attribute Description Type Required?
src Set the URL to get. URL ?
verbose If true, show verbose progress information. boolean ?
ignoreerrors If true, log errors but do not treat as fatal. boolean ?
username Username for basic auth. String ?
usetimestamp If true, conditionally download a file based on the timestamp of the local copy.

In this situation, the if-modified-since header is set so that the file is only fetched if it is newer than the local file (or there is no local file) This flag is only valid on HTTP connections, it is ignored in other cases. When the flag is set, the local copy of the downloaded file will also have its timestamp set to the remote file time.

Note that remote files of date 1/1/1970 (GMT) are treated as 'no timestamp', and web servers often serve files with a timestamp in the future by replacing their timestamp with that of the current time. Also, inter-computer clock differences can cause no end of grief.

boolean ?
dest Where to copy the source file. File ?
password password for the basic authentication. String ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements