< : DefBase>


Base class for Definitions handling uri and class loading. (This was part of Definer)


Attribute Description Type Required?
loaderref Use the reference to locate the loader. If the loader is not found, taskdef will use the specified classpath and register it with the specified name. This allow multiple taskdef/typedef to use the same class loader, so they can be used together. It eliminate the need to put them in the CLASSPATH. Reference ?
classpath Set the classpath to be used when searching for component being defined Path ?
classpathref reference to a classpath to use when loading the files. To actually share the same loader, set loaderref as well Reference ?
uri String ?
reverseloader boolean ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements

<classpath> ...

This object represents a path as used by CLASSPATH or PATH environment variable.

    <pathelement location="/path/to/file.jar" />
    <pathelement path="/path/to/file2.jar:/path/to/class2;/path/to/class3" />
    <pathelement location="/path/to/file3.jar" />
    <pathelement location="/path/to/file4.jar" />

The object implemention sometask must provide a method called createSomepath which returns an instance of Path. Nested path definitions are handled by the Path object and must be labeled pathelement.

The path element takes a parameter path which will be parsed and split into single elements. It will usually be used to define a path from an environment variable.

Attribute Description Type Required
refid Makes this instance in effect a reference to another Path instance.

You must not set another attribute or nest elements inside this element if you make it a reference.

Reference ?
path Parses a path definition and creates single PathElements. String ?