<scm : Cvs>


Performs operations on a CVS repository. original 1.20 NOTE: This implementation has been moved to AbstractCvsTask with the addition of some accessors for extensibility.


Attribute Description Type Required?
cvsrsh String ?
quiet boolean ?
passfile File ?
command String ?
package String ?
cvsroot String ?
reallyquiet boolean ?
output File ?
port int ?
compressionlevel int ?
dest File ?
noexec boolean ?
error File ?
failonerror boolean ?
append boolean ?
date String ?
compression boolean ?
tag String ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements

<commandline> ...

Commandline objects help handling command lines specifying processes to execute. The class can be used to define a command line as nested elements or as a helper to define a command line by an application.

  <acommandline executable="/executable/to/run">
    <argument value="argument 1" />
    <argument line="argument_1 argument_2 argument_3" />
    <argument value="argument 4" />
The element someelement must provide a method createAcommandline which returns an instance of this class.

Attribute Description Type Required
executable Sets the executable to run. All file separators in the string are converted to the platform specific value String ?