< : AbstractCvsTask>


original Cvs.java 1.20 NOTE: This implementation has been moved here from Cvs.java with the addition of some accessors for extensibility. Another task can extend this with some customized output processing.


Attribute Description Type Required?
cvsrsh The CVS_RSH variable. String ?
quiet If true, suppress informational messages. boolean ?
passfile Password file to read passwords from. File ?
command The CVS command to execute. This should be deprecated, it is better to use the Commandline class ? AntoineLL July 23d 2003 String ?
package The package/module to operate upon. String ?
cvsroot The CVSROOT variable. String ?
reallyquiet If true, suppress all messages. boolean ?
output The file to direct standard output from the command. File ?
port Port used by CVS to communicate with the server. int ?
compressionlevel If set to a value 1-9 it adds -zN to the cvs command line, else it disables compression. int ?
dest The directory where the checked out files should be placed.

Note that this is different from CVS's -d command line switch as Ant will never shorten pathnames to avoid empty directories.

File ?
noexec If true, report only and don't change any files. boolean ?
error The file to direct standard error from the command. File ?
failonerror Stop the build process if the command exits with a return code other than 0. Defaults to false. boolean ?
append Whether to append output/error when redirecting to a file. boolean ?
date Use the most recent revision no later than the given date. String ?
compression If true, this is the same as compressionlevel="3". boolean ?
tag The tag of the package/module to operate upon. String ?

Parameters accepted as nested elements

<commandline> ...

Commandline objects help handling command lines specifying processes to execute. The class can be used to define a command line as nested elements or as a helper to define a command line by an application.

  <acommandline executable="/executable/to/run">
    <argument value="argument 1" />
    <argument line="argument_1 argument_2 argument_3" />
    <argument value="argument 4" />
The element someelement must provide a method createAcommandline which returns an instance of this class.

Attribute Description Type Required
executable Sets the executable to run. All file separators in the string are converted to the platform specific value String ?